Brady Elementary Improvements

Cost: $1,550,000

Description: Revitalizing the 1965 wing, including restrooms, classrooms, corridors and nurse’s office, and renovating the 1986 restrooms. Improvements will include new finishes, new lockers, new furniture, lighting for a better learning environment, energy efficient windows, new air conditioners that will allow us to enlarge the classrooms.

Impact: Brady ISD will be able to provide an improved and modern learning environment for students in the oldest portions of Brady Elementary while making hygiene and access improvements on restrooms.

Career Center

Cost: $1,450,000

Description: Add on to the existing Agriscience building with a new shop and three to four new classrooms, including equipment and furniture.

Impact: Brady ISD will be able to provide integrated career development into our already high quality high school and junior high education experiences, giving students a step up in finding high paying and quality employment upon graduation from Brady High School. Programs to be housed will be chosen in consultation with local businesses and interest of students.

Softball & Baseball Complex

Cost: $3,250,000

Description: A complex with new softball and baseball fields, including modern seating, dugouts, bull pins, scoreboards, a press box at each field, irrigation system for the natural grass fields, a restroom and concession building and ticket booth.

Impact: Brady ISD has had a softball team for close to 20 years, but in that time Brady ISD has never had a softball field. The district currently shares a field with the city. While building a new softball field to serve our softball program, it is cost effective to build a new and modern baseball field, resulting in a complex that will serve Brady ISD for the next 20 years and allow us to host more games and tournaments, bringing more business to the Brady area.

New Auditorium

Cost: $6,750,000

Description: The new auditorium would be either a free-standing building or an addition to the high school designed to fit with Brady High School with approximately 800 fabric covered padded audience seats, balanced acoustics to serve as a multifunction facility; UIL standard lighting, curtains and controls; and modern audio, video and technology integration.

Impact: Six years ago, Brady ISD lost our auditorium. The district does not have facilities to host UIL theater or music competitions or a place to hold large assemblies of students. A new auditorium would fulfill all of these needs in addition to providing a space for the many community events previously held at the old auditorium, bringing more business to the Brady area.

Campus Security Improvements

Cost: $350,000

Description: New safety and security features would be provided at all campuses including barriers at entrances to allow campus administration to better control access to the campus, and access controls at all exterior doors to allow for campus lockdowns.

Impact: Improving security at our campuses without sacrificing the open community feel of the campuses provides a safer learning environment for all Brady ISD students.

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