How can the proposed projects be financed without raising the tax rate?

Your 2018 tax rates have already been set and therefore will not increase if the propositions are approved.  The Rattlesnake Wind Farm added over $62 million in taxable value to property located in Brady ISD. If all bond propositions are approved your 2019 property tax rate will not exceed $1.36 per $100, which equals the 2017 tax rate. More information can be found on the Tax Impact.

Can the district guarantee that homeowners will not see an increase to their property taxes beyond 2017 levels?

No. Property taxes are assessed by many governmental entities in Texas, including the city, county, state and other local municipalities. Additionally, your property taxes are based on the value of your property as assessed by the McCullough County Tax Assessors Office. The district cannot control the tax rate of other governmental entities or the value at which the tax assessor’s office will appraise your property. Brady ISD can only, and does vow not to raise property tax rates due to this bond referendum.

Will all students benefit from the proposed bond projects?

All elementary school, middle school, and high school students will experience the results of the three propositions.

Why are we renovating the oldest parts of Brady Elementary, isn’t it really old?

The original portion of Brady Elementary was built in 1965, making it 53 years old. Our Architects have performed a facility assessment and believe that with proper upkeep, maintenance, and renovations to keep the learning environments modern (including re-roofing which was completed over the summer and the renovations that are part of this Proposition A) the two older wings of Brady Elementary can serve us for another 30 years.

We already have a baseball field. Why does the district need a new one?

The current Brady ISD baseball field is an aging facility which fails to meet many state standards. Constructing a softball/baseball complex together will enable the district to take advantage of economies of scale.

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