The goal of the First Community Survey was to find out the facility needs of Brady ISD, from the Brady ISD community. 199 people responded to the survey. 

The first few questions of the survey sought to understand the demographics of those who responded to the survey.

1. What is your age range?

2. Do you work for Brady Independent School District?

3. Do you reside within Brady Independent School District?

4. Are you a registered voter?

5. Do you have a student in a Brady ISD school? (Please select all that apply)

Next we wanted to understand how the community felt about the 2007 bond, in which the community financed the building of Brady High School. Our first question asked whether respondents voted in favor of the 2007 bond. As you can see from the graph below, 57.7% of respondents did not vote for the bond. However, looking at the reasons given, most people who responded to the “Why?” question said they did vote in the election because they did not live in the area or were not of eligible age.

6. Did you vote in favor of the 2007 bond?

Our next question sought to understand if the community supports how the 2007 bond funds were spent. The results are very close to 50/50 in support and how the funds were spent and unsupportive of how the funds were spent. We followed this question up with a question at the First Town Hall.

7. In your opinion, were the funds from the 2007 bond used wisely by Brady ISD?

For the final part of the survey, we moved into the goal of the survey, understanding the Brady ISD community’s thought on the facility needs of Brady ISD. About two-thirds of respondents felt they had an understanding of the district’s needs.

8. Do you feel that you currently have enough information to make an educated decision on the facility needs of Brady ISD?

Approximately 70% of respondents either strongly agree or somewhat agree that Brady ISD needs to address facility needs by building new facilities or renovating existing facilities.

9. Do you agree Brady ISD needs to address facility shortcomings by building new facilities or renovating existing facilities?

When asked about their perception of the condition of each campus, the community rated Brady High School and Brady Middle School fairly high. Brady Elementary, athletic facilities and the DAEP received fair ratings.

10. How do you rate the perceived condition of each of the following Brady ISD facilities?

When asked to score the needs of the district, safety and security, and class size were ranked as the top two concerns of respondents.

11. To assist the District in making decisions regarding student programs and building operations based on funding availability, please prioritize the following items as they relate to you and your family.

Our final question was on open ended question, asking community members to list what they consider to be the facility needs of Brady ISD. The top five responses were a new auditorium (with 30 mentions), renovations or additions to Brady Elementary (with 22 mentions), moving the athletic facilities to the new high school (with 18 mentions), addressing traffic at Brady Elementary (with 14 mentions), and a career, technology and vocational campus (with 12 mentions). Broken out per campus, along with a category for general concerns, the results are as follows:

12. What projects or issues would you like to see addressed with facility improvements:

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