In our second community survey, we took the 13 projects most mentioned as important by the Brady ISD community and asked you to rank your support for each project, using a five-point scale: strongly agree, somewhat agree, neutral, somewhat disagree, strongly disagree. By doing this we could measure both the overall support for each project and the enthusiasm in the community about each project.

We had a total of 170 responses to the survey.

Of course, we started with a few demographics questions. First asking for an age range of respondents. The results were similar to the first survey, with more students, making up 5% of respondents, and more 65+ residents responding than on the previous survey.


We also asked if respondents are employees of Brady ISD. The results of this survey are almost identical to the previous survey with just less than 40% of respondents working for the district.


Moving on to the meat of the survey, as mentioned earlier, the following questions asked respondents to rank their support for each individual project. We won’t offer much commentary here, saving that for the end, except to say that blue is support, red is disagreement, and yellow is neutral.

In your opinion, does Brady ISD need to create secure entries and install electronic door control hardware to be able to lock down all campuses?


In your opinion, does Brady ISD need to build a new Auditorium?


In your opinion, does Brady ISD need to build new athletic facilities at Brady High School (such a football stadium, track & field events, tennis courts, baseball field, softball field, indoor training facility or a field house)?


In your opinion, does Brady ISD need to upgrade existing athletic facilities at their current location (such as the football stadium, tennis courts, baseball field, field house, old high school gymnasium and parking lots)?


In your opinion, does Brady ISD need to develop a Career, Technology and Vocational training center (Career Center)?


In your opinion, does Brady ISD need to demolish unused district facilities, such as the South Ward campus?


In your opinion, does Brady ISD need to renovate the older portions of Brady Elementary and address traffic issues?


In your opinion, does Brady ISD need to build additional classroom space at Brady Elementary to replace portables currently in use?


In your opinion, does Brady ISD need to build an Intermediate Campus to house grades 3rd through 5th instead of continuing to expand Brady Elementary School?


In your opinion, does Brady ISD need to enlarge the high school training room?


In your opinion, does Brady ISD need to build a dedicated parent drop-off and pick-up drive at Brady High School?


In your opinion, does Brady ISD need to build an agriscience and horticulture facility at Brady High School?


In your opinion, does Brady ISD need to expand the band practice marching lot?


On every survey we have had an open question where respondents have been encouraged to tell us what facility improvements they would like to see Brady ISD take-on. We are only showing responses here with more than one mention, as there were many one-off responses. Of note in this are two new mentions we have not gotten previously: reverse osmosis water filtration for all campuses and enlarging the nurse’s offices at Brady Elementary and Middle schools. In addition, while the intermediate campus has mixed support in the survey question, it got more than its share of mentions in this questions.


In our facility assessments, the major missing piece to Brady ISD athletics that we have noted, has been a lack of softball field. Since we have never broken this out as an individual project, I a went back to both this survey and the previous survey to see how many times it has been mentioned. There were 6 mentions in the first survey and another 12 in the second survey, for a total mentions of between 12 and 18.

There are a couple different ways we can look at the results of this survey. The first is to look at a simple measure of project support among respondents. In looking at that, the Career Center, Renovations to Brady Elementary, Secure Entries and a Classroom Addition to Brady Elementary all have over 75% support. Demolishing Unused Facilities and a New Auditorium have more than 60% support.


Since respondents ranked projects not only as support or not supporting, they ranked them with “strongly” and “somewhat” modifiers, we have been able to look at this another way, which is as a measure of community enthusiasm about the projects. To create this measure, we scored each answer as 2 points for “strongly agree,” 1 point for “somewhat agree”, 0 points for “neutral,” then subtracted 1 point for “somewhat disagree” and subtracted 2 points for “strongly disagree.” In this measure, a “strongly agree” response and a “strongly disagree” response would cancel each other out.


As you can see, there isn’t any change in what the top 6 projects are, but there is a bigger drop off after the top six. There is also a bit of difference in scoring within those top six projects. While the Career Center has more numerical support within the community, renovations to Brady Elementary has a bit more enthusiasm. Because this scoring system does not take “neutral” votes into account, the only project with less people for it than against it is improvements to the band practice field.

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