Introduction & Bonding

Superintendent Limbaugh introduced the impetus of discussing facility improvements for Brady ISD. When he was brought on as superintendent last March he was told by several community members that the district has been missing an auditorium since the building of the new high school and demolition of the old auditorium in 2010. With the Rattlesnake Wind Farm coming online and adding to the tax base of Brady ISD, the district could take on facility improvement projects without adding to the current tax rate. A detailed explanation of this can be found in The Wind Farm & Brady ISD Facilities Funding article.

Second Survey Results

Reliance Architecture presented the results of the second community survey, which can be found here.

Discussion Topics

Attendees were then given short descriptions of the most popular projects from our two surveys and the first Town Hall meeting, then encouraged to discuss the impact of the projects on the community, who benefited, and the priority of each project, including when Brady ISD should undertake the project.

Renovating older portions of Brady Elementary and addressing parent pick-up / drop-off safety.

Scope could include:

  • Renovating Classrooms of 1965 wing
  • Renovating restrooms at 1965 and 1986 wings
  • Improving parent drop-off / pick-up
  • Replacing mechanical systems that are at end of life expectancy

Who Benefits:

  • Students
  • Parents


  • Modernized learning environments
  • Safer and cleaner restrooms
  • Safer and more efficient pick-up and drop-off
  • Move costs of replacing mechanical systems from operations budget to facilities bond

Brady ISD Career Center

Scope could include: a campus or facility for the teaching of technology and career curriculum, possibly including automotive repair, culinary, pneumatic systems, finance and accounting, architecture and engineering, etc.

Who Benefits:

  • Students

  • Community


  • Better prepare students with real world skills.
  • Students don’t have to leave area to learn skills.
  • Community benefits with students with lifelong skills.
  • Can lower dropout rate.

Classroom Addition at Brady Elementary

Scope could include: Moving facilities currently in portables (include a math lab, science lab, 2 computer labs and a temporary use classroom) into permanent structures that are part of the main building.

Who Benefits:

  • Students


  • All instructional classes within one building.
  • More secure, no walking outside to classes.
  • More secure, easier to lock-down campus.
  • Safer, classes don’t have to travel to main building during storms.
  • Modernized permanent facilities.

Secure Entries at all Campuses

Who Benefits:

  • Students
  • Parents, indirectly


  • Safer, administration controls campus access.
  • More secure, easier to lock down campuses.

Demolish Unused Facilities

Who Benefits:

  • Community
  • District, as a whole


  • Remove eyesores from the community that devalue nearby properties.
  • District does not have to maintain facilities not being used.
  • Could lower district insurance rates, more funds for other operations.
  • Might be able to sell to recoup some costs.
  • Property can be developed, which can raise the value of surrounding property.

New Brady ISD Auditorium

Who Benefits:

  • Students
  • Community


  • Community & Students get Auditorium that replaces old demolished auditorium
  • Can host UIL band, one-act play and other events.
  • Can host community events.
  • BISD may be able to rent out facility for some income.

Brady ISD Softball Field

Brady ISD has had a softball team for 20 years, but never had a softball field. Currently Brady ISD shares a field with the city little league teams.

Who Benefits:

  • Student athletes
  • Community athletes


  • BISD softball team will have home field.
  • Little league and BISD practice and use no longer conflict.

Other Discussion Points:

  • Current athletic facilities have an expected lifespan of another 10 to 15 years.
  • Where should the softball field be built: With current athletic facilities? Or at High School, in anticipation of moving all athletic facilities here in the long term?


After reviewing the most popular projects, attendees were given cards, each with a project that has been suggested as important by the community. A timeline was placed on the wall broken down into: Immediate need, Next 5 years, 5 to 10 years, 10 to 20 years, 20 to 30 years. Attendees were asked to take each project they felt was important for Brady ISD to take-on, and to fill out blank cards with other suggestions, and place them on the timeline of when they thought the project should be undertaken. The results of the Timelining exercise can be found here.

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